About The Sawyer

The Araxine Wilkins Sawyer
Foundation functions under statutes
of the State of Maine and was
established by John Marshall Sawyer
in 1935 as a memorial to his mother, who was a great 
influence in his life.  As a tribute to her - for whom he had the deepest regard and admiration - he built the Araxine Wilkins Sawyer Memorial Building from which programs, free to the public, are presented twice monthly on Fridays at 2pm and 7pm from May through October. Programs include narrated travel films, wildlife films, lectures, musicals, magic shows and more. Our purpose in part is "...educational and social. Specifically, to do good. To promote good citizenship. To support and encourage clean, wholesome pleasures, customs and usages..."

We would be pleased to have you join us for many pleasant hours of entertainment! 

For more information, please email the Sawyer Foundation at sawyermem@gmail.com, or contact us by phone 
at (207) 946-5311.

Araxine Wilkins Sawyer Foundation
371 Sawyer Road
Greene, Maine 04236
(207) 946-5311